Meet Our Nutritionist

Published: Aug. 9, 2017 By
Allison Smith

The eating habits you develop now can follow you into adulthood and have a huge impact on how you function both physically and mentally. With so much information out there, where can you get accurate, personalized information about what eating healthy means for you? Campus Dining Services has its very own expert on staff to help you reach your nutrition goals! Allison Butler is a registered dietitian with a master’s in public health education who is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through food.

Allison works with the Campus Dining Services’ culinary team to provide students with wholesome, balanced menu options and provides one-on-one counseling and health education opportunities to any interested student. You can make an appointment to discuss nutrition and dietary needs including food allergies, athletic performance, weight control, energy or any other concern you may have. You can also join the monthly DISH events for a fun, interactive opportunity to learn about food, nutrition and sustainability.

Allison is available to answer any kind of questions you may have about nutrition, allergens and navigating the dining venues on campus. You can contact her by phone at 303-735-7686 or by email at