Hit the Hotspot!

Published: Aug. 10, 2017 By ,

Your Buff OneCard is an incredibly helpful and important tool—especially living in the residence halls. It acts as your campus ID, your hall and room key, gives you access to the Rec Center, holds your meal plan and more. Because it holds so much information, it must be updated at least every seven days, so don't forget to hit the hot spot! Located by every residence hall front desk is a card update station or hotspot (pictured below). All you have to do is hold your Buff OneCard up to it for several seconds until the light turns green and you're done for the week! Doing this ensures your card has received important updates. It also monitors the battery life in your res hall room door lock, which means we can replace them before they run out.

If you forget to update and find yourself locked out, simply visit one of the hotspots and update. If you run into any issues with this process, please visit your hall's 24-hour community center (front desk).