Roommate Agreement

Published: Aug. 28, 2017 By ,
Two roommates standing in their room on move in day smiling at the camera

Roommate conflicts can have a huge impact on your experience at college, and we want to help you get set up for a successful year with the people that you live with. The first step towards understanding each other’s expectations and creating good lines of communications is to learn about each other.

The roommate agreement process:

  • Log into MyRoom (through OnCampus) and fill out the confidential personal profile (accessible on a computer, tablet or mobile phone)
  • Your answers are analyzed by the program
  • The program determines where you are most and least alike in your answers around 11 important lifestyle areas and creates a proposed roommate agreement (it also provides ideas to resolve conflict in the areas of highest disagreement)
  • You and your roommate(s) meet with your RA to talk about the results
  • You and your roommate(s) can add to the agreement and discuss new or different solutions to possible conflicts
  • The goal is to come up with an agreement that works for everyone involved, but you and your roommate (and RA) can always revisit the agreement to make adjusts if necessary

Can a computer program help create a better living environment? Yes! Because it starts the conversation. Living with someone can be a lot of fun, but can also involve negotiations and challenging conversations—learning those skills can really improve your living situation and your relationships.

Your RA and hall director are also always available to help. If you need additional support to help move through a new situation, please reach out—that’s what they are here for!