Scrape Your Plate Day

Scrape Your Plate

Campus Dining Services (CDS) and the Environmental Center collaborate each year to host a Scrape Your Plate campaign with the goal of creating more thoughtful food selection of dining center visitors, resulting in less food waste.

While all food and compostable waste left on trays in the dining centers does get composted, Scrape Your Plate Day is an opportunity for you to see the amount of food waste generated, learn more about dining’s sustainable food initiatives and gain an understanding of food insecurity and the importance of not wasting food. 

The next events will be held on Thursday, October 10, in the C4C Dining Center and Tuesday, October 8, in Village Center Dining.

Campus Dining Services staff will be stationed at compost bins near the tray collectors and will ask customers to scrape their food scraps and compostable waste into the compost bins before returning trays. And don't forget to get your Clean Plate Club sticker! Collect one during each event and at the end of the school year, bring them to the final event and receive a gift!

At the end of the day, the waste is measured so we can work out how much per person of food waste we’re generating. The goal throughout the year will be to see those numbers go down, meaning that we’re getting better at taking less and wasting less. You can always go back for more!