Community Council

Published: Oct. 23, 2017 By
Four students standing and smiling at camera at Haunted Halls event

Are you looking to get involved in a campus activity but aren’t sure where to start? How about right where you live? There are 19 community councils on campus, and you can join one today.

Community councils are the government boards that serve each residence hall community, advocating for change and creating programming and community development for residents. The councils also get to participate in the larger senate meetings, where the halls come together to discuss legislation and proposals—collaborating with the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

Both RHA and the community councils have been extremely effective in the past, accomplishing some significant initiatives including creating the bike lanes under the bridge between Kittredge and Central Campus and advocating for the installation of filtered water stations in all the residence halls. 

Participating in community council is an excellent way to meet more people in your hall community and become familiar with Residence Life (a plus if you’re thinking about becoming an RA next year). It also provides opportunities for you to engage in event planning, advertising, budgeting, communication and leadership skills—all while having fun! You can participate in an official role or in a more casual capacity by providing support for specific events.

Community councils meet every week. Contact your RA or hall director to find out the day, time and location for the meetings in your hall. You can also visit the RHA website for additional details.