Preparing to Move to CU

Published: May 30, 2018 By ,
Mother and daughter posing and smiling while moving in

A lot of websites out there are trying to tell you what you need to bring to college with you, but why not get your info directly from the source!

CU Housing & Dining Services’ Move-in/Move-out web pages have detailed lists to help you know exactly how to prepare for your arrival on campus. These include:

We cover everything from bedding and furniture to appliances and hoverboards. We also provide some great tips on computing and campus Wi-Fi. And while we always support being prepared, keep in mind that it might take you a few days, or even weeks, to settle in and get a really good sense of what you’ll actually need. We don’t want you to spend money on things that end up in a closet or recycling bin before the end of the year. We have shops! The Boulder area has all the major box and department stores stocked with everything a college student may need or want.

Some things you might consider waiting to buy until after you arrive:

  • Plastic and fabric storage bins/shelving
  • Room fans
  • Foam bed pads
  • Large mirrors
  • Standing lamps
  • School supplies

Happy packing Buffs, we can’t wait to see you!