2019 Move-In

Published: June 19, 2019


Before you get here

With move-in day right around the corner, we want to provide you with some helpful tips to consider when you are packing up and preparing to arrive.  Whether this is your first time moving in or you've been through this process before, these pieces of advice will hopefully lead to a stress free and seamless move-in. 

CU Housing & Dining Services’ Move-in/Move-out web pages have detailed lists to help you know exactly how to prepare for your arrival on campus. These include:

We cover everything from bedding and furniture to appliances and hoverboards. We also provide some great tips on computing and campus Wi-Fi. And while we always support being prepared, keep in mind that it might take you a few days, or even weeks, to settle in and get a really good sense of what you’ll actually need. We don’t want you to spend money on things that end up in a closet or recycling bin before the end of the year. The Boulder area is also home to many big box department stores where you can get any items that you realize you need once you get here. 

Some things you might consider waiting to buy until after you arrive:

  • Plastic and fabric storage bins/shelving
  • Room fans
  • Foam bed pads
  • Large mirrors
  • Standing lamps
  • School supplies

In addition to waiting to buy materials until you get here, CU Boulder also offers a convenient online Linens Program through On-Campus Marketing. This program allows you to buy bedding that is gaurenteed to fit the extra-long twin beds in the residence hall rooms. In addition to this perk offered through OCM, the Residence Hall Association also offers parents the opportunity to take advantage of a care package service. 

Home2Home Program

Do you have any items you don't feel like hauling to campus in your car? Well, you're in luck. At CU Boulder we offer a program through the UPS Store called Home2Home that provides you delivery of UPS shipments not just to the unviersity, but complimentary delivery right into your dorm room at the same low retail rate. This can save you the hassle of moving boxes on your own. For more information about cost and shipping deadlines, visit our Home2Home page. 

Housing Online Experience

We also recommend that you complete the Living On and Off Campus section of your Online Experience to help you get to know the ins and outs of living on campus your first year. There are some really helpful pieces of information on dining, meal plan options, involvement opportunities and more. Plus if you take the course and answer a few questions at the end, you'll be entered into a drawing for a prize basket worth $100, filled with residence hall room essentials and other awesome items! 

When you arrive

Save your shopping until later in the day

When you start unpacking, you may realize you forgot a couple items that you need to go purchase. While we totally understand this may happen as we encourage everyone to pack lightly, we just ask that you save your shopping until the move-in crowds have died down. This prevents confusion for volunteers who are assisting with move-in and keeps traffic to a minimum. Instead of shopping right away consider doing any of the following:

  • Explore campus: While you may have taken a tour of campus before or visited a few times, take this time to walk around campus to get the lay of the land. Perhaps visit the dining centers to have a bite to eat or simply take in the beautiful sites on campus. Or check out one of the Fall Welcome Family Sessions
  • Drive around Boulder: The Boulder area is so fun to tour around. There are so many restaurants to eat at and cute local shops to visit. Whether you are from the area or not, soak in these moments with your loved ones before they head home!
  • Grab some food in one of our dining centers: Check out our dining hours and locations page for a full list of options on campus.
  • Get your Buff OneCard: If you didn't receive your ID at your residence hall, head to the Buff OneCard office in the Center for Community. This card is your identification on campus and serves as a key to give you access to your residence hall and room, carries your meal plan, allows you to pay for laundry/printing and allows you access to the Rec Center and sporting events.

Happy packing Buffs, we can’t wait to see you!