Facebook Live Chats

Published: July 17, 2019

Tune in to your hall's Facebook live chat. This is a great time to connect with your community and ask your Hall Director any questions you have as you prepare to move-in! 

Facebook Groups Date of Live Chat Time of Live Chat
Stearns East Hall and Stearns West Hall July 25 4:00pm MST
Smith Hall and Buckingham Facebook Group (please contact CMCI for information on this group) August 1 3:00pm MST
Reed Hall and Willard Hall August 1 3:30pm MST
Baker Hall August 1 4:00pm MST
Williams Village East Hall August 2 3:00pm MST
Darley North and South Halls August 5 3:00pm MST
Cheyenne Arapaho Hall August 6 3:00pm MST
Engineering Quad Facebook Group  (Aden, Brackett, Cockerell and Crosman halls) August 5 4:00pm MST
Andrews HallKittredge Central , Kittredge WestArnett Hall August 6 2:00pm MST
Sewall Hall August 6 3:00pm MST
Hallett Hall August 6 3:30pm MST
Williams Village North Hall August 6 4:00pm MST
Libby Hall TBD TBD
Farrand Hall TBD TBD