Dining Hall Hacks

Published: Sept. 3, 2019

As students visit the dining locations on campus, each will probably start discovering their own way of navigating each. Whether it's certain food combinations or hidden gems within the dining halls that not many people know about, we wanted to shed light on a few ways to be creative in the dining center and give you some ideas for the next time you want to try something new.

Salad bar with vegetable station Assorted cookies Burrito bar mac and cheese


  • MYO Breakfast sandwich - Toast two pieces of whole wheat bread from the deli section.  Grab some spinach and tomatoes from the omelet station at breakfast time or the salad bar. Grab some plain scrambled eggs. Once your toast is finished toasting, add a light layer of butter, place the spinach leaves and tomato on the bottom slice and add the scrambled eggs on top. *If you’re not into toast and happen to be in the C4C, try making a panini in the panini press with the same ingredients, just add a little cheese to make it all stick together!
  • Apple cinnamon oatmeal - When oatmeal is available, grab a cup of oatmeal, an apple (check the salad bar or dessert station), dash of honey and some cinnamon. Cut up your apple slices small enough to top your oatmeal off, add a dash of cinnamon, and drip the honey over the top for a sweet and delicious breakfast. Top with some walnuts for some added protein.
  • Banana sandwich - Toast two pieces of whole wheat bread. When toasted, spread on a tablespoon of peanut butter. Then slice up a banana and put the two slices together for a new twist on the breakfast sandwich. If you’re in the C4C, spice up any breakfast, lunch or dinner at the spice station located near the Grill.
  • Avocado toast - When visiting the C4C liven up your favorite toast and top with some fresh smashed avocado from the Latin station.  Top with a fried egg for extra protein.

Lunch Ideas

  • Bacon on everything! - If you're in the C4C, add bacon bits from Smoke n Grill  to everything from mac n cheese and mashed potatoes to soup. 
  • Hot wings - Grab wings from the Persian station in C4C, then add hot sauce from the Grill. 
  • Who doesn't love a freshly cooked grilled cheese? - Make your own by visiting the C4C's deli station. Assemble your grilled cheese sandwich, cook in the panini press.
  • Hot sauce hummus - Hummus with any veggie is perfect for any meal, spice it up by squirting about 2 teaspoons of hot sauce from the Grill into a cup of hummus and mixing it up. Pair it with carrots, sliced cucumbers or celery from the salad bar for a healthy snack or use it as a spread on your favorite sandwich!
  • C4C Chickpea salad sandwich (vegan alternative to chicken salad) - Mash up chickpeas in a bowl, mix with vegan mayo (all the mayo served in the dining center is vegan), add dill from spice bar, add grapes or craisins from the salad bar, almond slices from the Asian station, dijon mustard and finally some thyme from spice station.
  • Build your own cobb salad - All of our major dining centers utilize the salad bar as a nutritious option. The salad bar has all the ingredients you need to make a delicious cobb salad - lettuce, tomato, deli meat, hard-boiled eggs and avocados. Top your salad off with freshly cooked and chopped bacon bits. 
  • Since fall is right around the corner and chili is sure to be served in the dining centers, make sure to top it off! Top a bowl of chili with some lettuce, tomato, onion and bell peppers from the salad bar. Roll up a tortilla if available as a side. Also check the Grill station if you're in the C4C for baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and make your own chili-topped potatoes.


  • Make your own cookie ice cream sandwich! Visit the dessert station for two cookies and a scoop of ice cream  Put them together and enjoy!
  • Craving dessert? - When you want a slice of apple pie but don’t want the extra calories, try this: Cut up apples in a bowl and add drizzle of honey. Mix in about ½ teaspoon brown sugar and granola for some crunch. Voila, you have a new favorite! 


  • Spice up your coffee with chocolate or caramel sauce from the dessert station. 
  • With colder weather in sight, try some hot chocolate with peppermint tea. Thank us later.