Compostable Product Order Form

Campus Dining Services (CDS) can help you have a zero-waste event! You can now purchase compostable products directly through CDS at cost and in bulk, providing you with convenience and cost-savings.

Available Products

Item Units per Case Cost per Case*
Small 6" Plate 1000 $33.02
10" 3 compartment plate 500 $67.92
Bowl  1000 $44.54
Knives/forks/spoons (separate 1000 $57.42
Hot beverage cups (12 oz) 1000 $43.78
Hot beverage cups (8 oz) 1000 $43.38
Lids for coffee cups (12 oz only) 1000 $56.74
Cold beverage cups (12 oz) 680 $59.83
Cold beverage cups (9 oz) 975 $45.60
Napkins (natural) 6000 $36.03

* Prices are subject to change


Bins and Bags

Compostable event bins and keys for locked compost dumpsters have already been provided to every building, so your building should have a bin. Any time you need replacement bags, reach out to your area’s Environmental Services supervisor, and they will provide you with a roll. Whoever is holding the event is responsible for emptying full bags of compost into nearby compost dumpsters. Compost collection dumpsters and poly carts are located at the dock of any building with a dining center or currently running a restroom composting program—C4C, Village Center, WVN, Sewall, Baker, Farrand, Kitt Central, Kitt West, Smith and Buckingham. 

Ordering Instructions

Fill out the form below with all requested information and click "Submit." Please note that we can only order items by the case.


Campus Dining Services will purchase the cases on our behalf, and then let you know when they are available for pick up. Pick-ups are always at the dock of the C4C and it usually takes 3-5 business days for the order to be filled. We generally ask that you let us know when you will be picking up so that we don’t place them on the dock until you arrive—this helps us not interfere too much with normal dining operations. 

Ordering Form

If you have any questions or would like to make an order, please fill out the form below or contact Emma Currie

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