Athens North

  • Athens North Exterior
  • Athens North decorated living room showing three desks, television, sofa
  • Athens North Kitchen
  • Athens Bathroom, view of sink and toilet
  • Athens North Community Space
  • Athens North laundry room showing one row of dryers and one row of washers

Property Description

Athens North will be a first-year graduate student-only living experience. This new community is designed to offer first-year graduate students with a  supportive community that will provide opportunities for peer connections and increased awareness to university resources and services. Although the Athens North complex will be limited to housing only first-year graduate students, there will be a community space and community events that will be - on occasion - open to the entire graduate school student body. 

Property Details


Graduate Student

Building Style: 

Apartment Community: 
First-year Graduate Student


[Box Number] Athens North Hall
1855 Athens St.
Boulder, CO 80302
United States