Sewall Hall

  • Sewall Exterior, large stone building with columns to walk through into a courtyard. Two sided staircase leading up to the main door. Two side doors with two steps.
  • Sewall single with lofted bed, dresser, desk, shelved underneath, microfridge and bookcase on next wall with window, tile floor
  • Sewall Single room with one bed, closet, door to bathroom, bookshelf, desk with hutch and chair, tile floors
  • Sewall double with two elevated beds, dressers underneath and bookcase on one side of room, desks and microfridge on opposite wall, window, tile floor
  • Sewall Triple room, showing three beds in one of the two rooms, bookshelf, dresser under the beds, tile flooring and a window
  • Sewall Triple room showing desk with hutch and chair, door to bathroom, closet and door to room with beds
  • Sewall community bathroom with two double sinks on opposite walls and toilet stalls on far wall
  • Sewall lounge area, long carpeted room with piano, fireplace, two-person sofas, chairs
  • Sewall laundry room showing one row of front-loader washers, two large hand-wash sinks, cement floor

Property Description

Sewall Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus and home to nearly 340 students. It also hosts the Sewall Residential Academic Program, which focuses on connections between modern culture and historical roots. Participation in the RAP is mandatory for all residents of Sewall. For a list of all eligible undergraduate colleges for this hall, please see below. 

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Incoming Freshman
Returning Undergraduate

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Academic Year

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Residence Halls

Room Types (Click to view larger image): 

Roommate(s) and community bath

Roommate(s) and community bath floorplan. Individual rooms may vary.

Individual space and community bath

Individual space and community bath floorplan

Roommate(s) and attached bath

Roommate(s) and attached bath floorplan (2 beds)
Roommate(s) and attached bath floor plan (3 beds)


Sewall RAP

Undergraduate College: 

Arts & Sciences
Environmental Design
Exploratory Studies


[Box Number] Sewall Hall
1720 University Avenue
Boulder, CO 80310
United States