Stearns East Hall

  • Stearns East Exterior, tall brick building with mature trees surrounding
  • Stearns East double with two elevated beds, dressers underneath, desks, double closet, window
  • Stearns East Double Apartment, showing small kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink and cabinets; table with four chairs, desk with chair, window, tile flooring.
  • Stearns East Triple Apartment, showing three beds, walk-in closet, three file cabinets
  • Stearns East Triple Apartment, showing, couch with coffee table, bookshelf, table with four chairs, desks with chairs, small kitchen with stove, sink, cabinets and refrigerator
  • Stearns East apartment living room with two desks, sofa, coffee table, bookshelf, window, tile floor
  • Stearns East apartment showing kitchen with full-size fridge, four burner stove/oven, sink, cupboards, counter space, tile floor, desk in the foreground
  • Stearns East single room with elevated bed, dresser and filing cabinet underneath, four shelf book shelf, closet, tile floor window with blinds
  • Stearns East room showing one elevated, one lofted bed on opposite walls, vanity/sink next to closet door, tile floors

Property Description

Stearns East Hall is one of our high-rise buildings with some pretty amazing views of Boulder. This traditional community is made up of students with a large variety of majors and interests, and the brand new Village Center is located just steps away!

Incoming Freshman
Returning Undergraduate
Contract Type: 
Academic Year
Building Style: 
Residence Halls
Traditional Community
Room Types (Click to view larger image): 

Roommate(s) and community bath

Roommate(s) and community bath floorplan. Individual rooms may vary.

Individual space and community bath

Individual space and community bath floorplan

Roommate(s) and attached bath

Roommate(s) and attached bath floorplan

Roommate(s) and apartment

This is a room
Undergraduate College: 
Arts & Sciences
[Box Number] Stearns East Hall
600 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80310
United States