Meal Plans & Dining Options

Student Meal Plans

We offer meal plans to meet the changing needs of CU students, whether you live on- or off-campus, and are undergrad, graduate or continuing ed. Depending on your status, you will qualify for different plans. 

Residence hall students

  • All students living in the residence halls must have a meal plan
  • First-year freshman students are required to carry a 15 or 19 meals per week plan*
  • Non-freshmen must have at least a 50-meal block plan
  • Meal plan fees are included in the room and board rates
  • This plan covers housing contract meal plan types:
    • Academic Year (AY): meals during fall and spring semesters; but not during fall, winter or spring break
    • Academic Year Plus Breaks (AY+B): meals during fall and spring semesters, including fall, winter and spring breaks
  • The plan includes a specific amount of meals per week plus a balance of Munch Money
  • Meal swipes are good at any HDS dining center or grab-n-go location
  • Meal plan selection occurs in the housing application
  • Meal plans for fall semester may be changed until September 20, 2019, without penalty. Plans for spring semester may be changed between December 1, 2018, and January 27, 2020, without penalty. Changes made outside of these dates will result in a $50 fee.
Plan Munch Money AY Munch Money AY+B/YR Eligible Students
19 meals per week $150 per semester $160 per semester Freshmen, Upperclass
15 meals per week $200 per semester $215 per semester Freshmen, Upperclass
10 meals per week** $250 per semester $270 per semester Upperclass

* Exceptions are only considered for students with documented disabilities or medical needs that have been approved by the Housing Disability Accommodations Committee.
** Students that choose the 10 meals per week plan will receive a small reduction in their room and board rate.

Student Block Meal Plans

  • For students living off-campus and non-freshman students living on-campus in a residence hall apartment, Bear Creek Apartments or Graduate & Family Housing
  • Each plan includes a specific number of meals per semester
  • Block Meal Plans do not include Munch Money
  • Can be purchased anytime during the year, and expire at the end of each semester 
  • Tax only charged to off-campus students. Students living in residence halls, Bear Creek Apartments or Graduate & Family Housing are not charged tax
  • Purchase Block Meal Plan
  • Block Meal Plans cannot be changed or canceled after September 20, 2019, for fall semester or after January 27, 2020, for spring semester. All adjustments or cancellations will result in a $50 fee. If a Block Meal Plan is canceled prior to those deadlines, the student is charged for any meal swipes that may have been used.

Fall & Spring Semesters

Plan Cost* Cost/Meal
120 meals per semester $842.00 $7.02
80 meals per semester $578.00 $7.23
50 meals per semester $372.00 $7.44
25 meal supplemental** $192.00 $7.68

*Students living off-campus who purchase a meal plan are subject to pay tax. 
**The additional 25 meal block is supplemental only to the Block Meal Plans offered. Students can purchase an unlimited number of 25 meal blocks after the purchase of one of the off-campus meal plans. Students living off-campus are subjec to pay tax on their meal plans.
Rates subject to change for summer 2020. 

Summer Semester

Plan Cost* Cost/Meal*
25 meal plan $192.00     $7.68
40 meal plan $298.00 $7.45

*Off-campus students who purchase a meal plan will be subject to pay tax. 

Academic year block meal plans can be purchased online through myCULiving, in person at the housing cashier's office in the Regent Administrative Center, room 1B80 or by phone at 303-492-6067.

Summer block meal plans can be purchased in person at the housing cashier's office in the Regent Administrative Center, room 1B80 or by phone at 303-492-6067. Summer meal plans do not include Munch Money.

Dining Options for Non-Students

We have options available for faculty, staff and guests to eat on-campus at any of our dining venues.

Faculty & Staff

  • Campus Cash can be purchased, which adds a declining balance to your Buff OneCard. This option is a much better value per meal at only $8.99 Campus Cash can be added to your card online or at the Buff OneCard Office (Center for Community N180)
  • A meal can be purchased with a credit card ($13.35). This is available only at the dining centers in the Center for Community and the Village Center 

Campus Cash

A declining balance that can be purchased and stored on your Buff OneCard. It can be used for on-campus printing, copying, laundry and food purchases at dining centers, grab-n-gos and retail outlets run by Housing & Dining Services, and the UMC Grill. Campus Cash does not expire. University faculty and staff can add Campus Cash to their Buff OneCard and use it to purchase meals.