Freshman Live-on Requirement & Exemption

Subject to the availability of space, the university requires that all students admitted as first-year freshman, regardless of transfer credit standing, live in a university residence hall and carry a traditional meal plan for two academic-year semesters. (Summer term(s) are not applicable toward this requirement.) If freshman students are married, live with parents/legal guardians and wish to commute from home or are age 21, they may petition to be released from the freshman live-on requirement. Requests for permission to reside off campus for other reasons are considered on their own merit, taking into account individual circumstances. Petitions should be filed with the Office of Occupancy Management before applying for housing. 

Students that are younger than 16 years of age or older than 24 years of age should contact Occupancy Management prior to submitting an application.

Freshman Live-on Requirement Exemption

First-year students that wish to seek off-campus housing arrangements may petition for an exemption to the live-on requirement by contacting Occupancy Management (student housing).