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Quad Engineering Living & Learning Community

Founded in 1987 with the goal of providing a shared living environment for students studying a wide range of fields related to engineering or the applied sciences. The Engineering Living and Learning Community is a supportive group of engineering students with access to unique amenities such as a computer lab with engineering applications, tutoring for engineering classes and special programs in collaboration with the Idea Forge, a required summer experience and unique class students take together in the fall. The Engineering LLC is managed by the College of Engineering & Applied Science. To see more about the requirements of this LLC and other important information, please check out the Engineering LLC website.


Students studying engineering or pre-engineering
Students that have applied to the Gold Shirt Program and have been accepted are eligible to live in Aden Hall

Program Details

  • A community that is mostly engineering students, so you’ll never have trouble finding someone to borrow a book from or study with
  • A computer lab equipped with most of the programs you’ll need for your engineering classes
  • A peer-to-peer mentoring and academic experience by taking COEN 1830, a 1 credit hour first-year symposium required of students in the Engineering Quad LLC in the fall
  • Special programming provided in collaboration with the College of Engineering
  • A summer experience for a limited number of students in the Engineering Quad LLC
  • For more information see the Engineering Quad LLC website:

To Apply

Select "Quad Engineering LLC" under Program/Residence Hall in the online housing application


$130 per/yr*
*rates subject to change