Housing Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

We want to begin by saying thank you for your patience as we guide you through the housing waitlist process. Below you'll find some frequently asked questions about the waitlist and more information on the steps you can expect moving forward if you have been placed on the housing waitlist. 

Where am I on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, we do not give out this information because it is not a straightforward waitlist.You could be number one on the list but not be eligible for the first space that becomes available. Assignments from the waitlist will be filled based off of gender and hall eligibility.

When will I find out if I am getting housing?

Housing will only be available based upon space availability. At this time, we are at full capacity and have no space to offer. You would be notified via your CU email if space has become available and there is no time frame for that. There is no guarantee that on-campus housing will be offered. We highly suggest you start looking to secure housing off campus. Our office of Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations has many resources to help you find a place to live. If we are able to identify a space for you, plan on being in a temporary assignment until we can identify a permanent space during the semester.

How likely is it that I will get off the waitlist?

It is not likely that you will be moved off the waitlist prior to fall move-in. We may be able to offer housing at some point during the fall semester but there is no guarantee.

Should I start looking for alternative housing? If so, how and where?

Yes, please see the Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations website and refer to Ralphie’s List. Students are encouraged to look for housing as soon as possible due to fluctionations in the available inventory in the market as well as the different need preferences each student has in terms of pricing and room types. Boulder real estate is generally 54% rental, so although preleasing for Fall 2019 has been happening for a little while, there is generally something available to meet most student’s needs.

Does living off-campus cost more than living on-campus?

The costs of living off campus can vary depending on where you live, how many roommates you may choose to have, what kind of amenities you desire in your housing situation, etc. Rental rates vary based on apartment type and area in Boulder. In 2019, rental rates averaged $995 per month for one-bedroom apartments and up to $3,364 per month for a four-bedroom apartment. CU Boulder room rates include a required on-campus meal plan. 

Students living off-campus should remember to budget for common expenses that may not be included in rent such as electricity, water, trash/recycling/compost, internet, parking and pet fees. Students are encouraged to ask their potential landlord/property manager what is included in the rent as some student housing properties may bundle internet/water or even a maintenance fee for things such as snow removal/lawn care into their monthly rent price.

A block meal plan can be purchased for CU students living off campus and they would have access to eat at any dining centers on campus. Off-campus meal plans can be a great way for off-campus students to build community with fellow CU Buffs. Not only are most of our dining centers all-you-care-to-eat style with numerous dietary options and a wide variety of food options, but the dining centers also offer a comfortable place for off-campus students to “recharge” during their down times on campus. We also offer numerous food retail options as well as “grab-n-gos” when you need to carry out your food to class or home.

What support services are being offered to my student now that they are not living on-campus?