International Students

If you are an international first-year freshman student, the housing application process may have slightly different requirements. Please check with the program you are in before proceeding with the housing application.

Helpful Move-In Tips

Transportation from Denver International Airport to Boulder  

CU Here

Fall Welcome 2017 Arrival Support

  • For international students arriving at Denver International Airport (DIA) August 17-20
  • Volunteers will meet you at DIA and help you navigate the airport, find transportation to Boulder and answer questions
  • Let us help make your transition to Colorado and CU Boulder a little smoother
  • We are no longer accepting new sign-ups. If you are arriving at DIA August 17-20, look for CU volunteers at the airport if you have any questions. There is also an airport help desk that can provide directions and support.

*Reminder: Make sure you have submitted a photo for your Buff OneCard before arriving. It serves as your campus ID, hall and room key and will also allow you to have an RTD College Pass (a free public transportation pass). Volunteers will have the RTD College Passes ready for students that have submitted their photos online.