Loft My Bed

Important Information
We recommend that students wait to view their rooms with the furniture we provide before requesting a loft. Our standard bed height meets most students needs for storage and space. You can also view our pictures and video below for more details. For fall students, loft requests will be accepted July 19th-31st, 2019. Requests will again be accepted September 3rd-30th, 2019 for those who may decide on a lofted bed after moving into their rooms.

Loft Details

  • Loft beds are not suitable for everyone. Please review the video below before you decide to order a loft
  • Our standard beds provide two feet, 11 inches underneath the bed, which accommodates the dressers provided (see below)
  • Lofted beds provide four feet, 11 inches of space underneath the bed
  • There is a $115 non-refundable fee added to your Bursar's account and is subject to all payment deadlines (fee subject to change for academic year 2019-20)
  • We cannot accommodate lofted beds in Williams Village East, Willard Hall, Reed or Kittredge West
  • Please know that if you loft a bed in the room originally assigned to you, the loft is not transferable to a new room - should you choose to move after you arrive to campus

Requesting a Loft

  • After you have received your room assignment, visit the myCUliving housing portal
  • Click on Request a Bed Loft in the black menu bar. If you don't see this option, you may be in a room or bed space that is not eligible for lofting
  • Read and sign the agreement
  • A $115 non-refundable fee will be added to your Bursar account. Please remember that this fee will apply even if you determine you no longer want to rent the loft
  • If you request your loft before move-in, it will be assembled and available in your room when you arrive. If you request a loft after move-in, Housing Facilities Services will contact you to schedule a set-up
  • Questions? Please contact us at


 lofted bed mattress is 2 feet 11 inches from ceiling with 4 feet 11 inches of space underneath. Standard bed had 2 feet 11 inches of space underneath.