Move in/out Home2Home Shipping


CU Boulder offers a convenient solution to transporting your belongings to your new residence hall home through UPS Home2Home

Deadline to receive packages at The UPS Store in Boulder, CO and delivered to your room for fall 2019 is August 3, 2019. You will work directly with The UPS Store to ship prior to the deadline.

Just follow the steps and your belonging will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive on campus!

  1. Create a Home2Home account (you will need a credit card)
  2. Order a box kit (costs includes shipping the kit to your home)
  3. Once you receive your box kit (or choose to ship using your own boxes), you can start packing
  4. When you have completed packing your boxes, log back into your Home2Home account and enter your box information —you will be prompted to provide size (height x length x width) and weight for each box
  5. Log back into your and select Notify The UPS Store at CU
  6. The UPS Store representative will call or email you follow-up questions, confirm labels and pick-up schedule within 24 business hours
  7. Boxes are picked up by UPS and delivered to your room on campus by The UPS Store prior to your arrival on campus

Keys to effective shipping and moving

  • Use boxes for shipping, not for moving (these boxes are much sturdier)
  • Prepare your shipment (see guidelines below)
  • Make notes of all tracking numbers
  • Confirm your hall assignment before shipping your packages
  • Only packages shipped through the Home2Home program and receive before August 3, 2018, will be in room

Contact The UPS Store with questions

Phone: 303-442-2601 x101


Website: The UPS Store

UPS recommended packaging guidelines