Residence Hall New Student Application

You must review the residence hall application checklist before beginning the application process. If you have questions at any time, please contact Student Housing at 303-492-6673.

Residence Hall Application Checklist

SPRING 2018 

Priority housing will be given to those classified as first-year freshman and first-year freshman transfers who apply by December 1, 2017.

All other applicants with be considered by date of completed application, after prior applications are assigned. Housing assignment and confirmation will be sent by December 29, 2017. If we are unable to offer campus housing; applicants will be notified December 29 and will be eligible for release from the contract without penalty.  

While hall/program preferences are requested in the application, assignments will be made using eligibility criteria and spaces vacated by current students. Once a student has submitted an application and a deposit is on file, they are held to the terms of the contract; unless they are notified, in writing after December 29, that we will be unable to provide housing.