Resident Advisor (RA) Employment

RA Recruitment

Welcome to the 2020-21 RA application site! You will find everything you need here to help guide you through the process, including a detailed job description, qualifications, hiring timeline and a list of frequently asked questions! If you'd like to ask us something not covered in our webpages, please email us at

Why be an RA?

You are the type of person who is always looking to be one step ahead of the rest. You want to be well prepared in conflict resolution, critical thinking, and leadership skills—making yourself more competitive in the job market after graduation. 

  • You will make a difference. You will be the reason students decide to remain at CU or the reason they discover their perfect major. You look forward to being a part of a legacy and leaving your mark on the University of Colorado.
  • Meeting your residents in one-on-one settings to talk about challenges, accomplishments, or their plans for the future will be a daily occurrence. You will also help your residents build connections both in your community and with the campus at large.
  • While many off-campus jobs are hard to balance with a busy course schedule, we know that you’re a student too and want to make sure you succeed both at your job and at your schoolwork

If you would like to know more about what being an RA entails before applying, please meet with one of the RAs in your hall or contact your hall director.

To be an RA, you:

  • Must have completed at least two full-time (12 credit hours) academic semesters at the collegiate level by the employment start date; AB and IB credits cannot be substituted for full-time collegiate study.
  • Must be a regularly enrolled, full-time student at CU Boulder; transfer applicants must provide proof of registration and transcripts from previous academic institutions.
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA both on the date of job offer and at the conclusion of spring 2020 semester. Note: the minimum GPA for honors halls is 3.0. Must be in good conduct standing with the university. New hires will be considered ineligible if they are on academic or conduct probation at either their time of job offer or their employment start date. Once a candidate has been offered an RA position, the expectation is that they do not violate the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Must successfully complete a criminal background check or show evidence that one has been completed within the last year.
  • Must continue to demonstrate academic progress by completing at least 12 credit hours per semester, excluding summers.
  • Transfer students can apply for the RA position if they have been accepted into the institution and have CU credentials (i.e. student ID number, email address)

2020-2021 Resident Advisor Application

Date               Activity
Wednesday, September 25 Application opens online at eRezLife
Wednesday, October 9 Application closes at 11:59pm
Monday, October 28 Applicants notified of eligibility via email. Some candidates will be invited to sign up for an interview. Note: all email communication will be sent to the applicants’ address
Monday, November 18- Wednesday, November 22 One-on-one interviews 
Wednesday, January 29 Offer letters sent out
Wednesday February 5 5:00pm deadline to accept offer of employment
August 2020

RA Training


2020-21 Returning Resident Advisor and Senior Resident Advisor Application Timeline

Date               Activity
Wednesday, October 16 Application opens online at eRezLife
Wednesday, November 13 Application closes at 11:59pm
Friday, November 15 Applicants notified of eligibility via email, and candidates will be invited to sign up for an interview. Note: all email communication will be sent to the applicants’ address
Monday, December 2 - Friday, December 6 One-on-one interviews
Wednesday, January 15 Senior RA offer letters are sent out
Wednesday, January 22 Mentor RA offer letters are sent out


Fill out an online application. Flexibility is a quality that we find common in our most successful student staff members. You will be asked if you are willing to work in any residence hall across campus. 

A portion of the online application will include question prompts. While the prompts will have a character limit, we encourage thoughtful responses as we will evaluate these to identify our top candidates.

Please browse these common questions if you are considering becoming an RA:

Q: I had a conduct violation during my first semester. Will that impact my eligibility for an RA position?
A: We understand that sometimes students can have a difficult time transitioning to college and that you may have made a decision during your first weeks at school that isn’t representative of your overall experience here. We will be reviewing all candidates’ conduct history and discussing each case individually and inform the candidate of the status prior to interviews being scheduled. In addition, applicants cannot be on University Conduct Probation or Academic Dishonesty Probation during the selection process, at time of hire, or at start of employment.

Q: If I’m applying to be an RA, should I still make other plans for housing?
A: If you sign up for housing in the residence halls or Bear Creek and are then selected for an RA position, Housing and Dining is able to transfer over your contract. We are unable to do the same for off-campus housing and would recommend that you wait until after the hiring process is complete to sign an off-campus lease.

Q: How many hours do RAs work each week?
A: We estimate that RAs will work 20 hours per week on average. However, the actual number of hours worked per week depends on many factors, including your on-call schedule, interactions with residents, meetings, trainings and other job-related responsibilities. During training periods, you can expect to be in training 40+ hours per week.

Q: If I’m selected as an RA, can I choose my hall placement?
A: No. Departmental staffing needs, hall-specific programs, and team dynamics will be the most significant factors in building placement. We have found that RAs who demonstrate the highest levels of adaptability tend to fare best in the RA position. We are looking for individuals who are ready to step into the RA position at any hall. Should you be placed in a hall and choose to decline the offer, you will not be able to reapply until the following academic year.

Q: I already have a part-time job on campus. Would I have to quit if I become an RA?
A: All RAs are required to get approval from their supervisor for any additional part-time jobs. Typically, first-year RAs are encouraged to critically evaluate their schedule to see if taking on an additional position is in their best interest. If you are approved to work an additional part-time job, the expectation is that the RA position takes precedence. Approvals to work an additional part-time job will be considered on an as-necessary basis after the first week of classes in August 2020.

Q: I’m planning on studying abroad in the spring. Can I still be an RA for the fall semester?
A: Unfortunately, the amount of training required for the RA position means that we are only able to hire RAs who can commit to a full year contract. Please let your current RA know if you are interested in looking into other leadership opportunities in your hall that would allow for more flexibility.

Q: I’m an international student. Am I eligible to be an RA?
A: International students are eligible for the RA position, as long as you have either a social security number or a valid F-1 visa. Please notify us at the time of hire if you are an international student, as your paperwork process may vary slightly.