Roommate Selection Process

Only students who have been assigned to a roommate (with only one roommate) with community bathroom type can participate in the roommate selection process. In the roommate selection process, you will only see students that are assigned to the same hall/program as you. You will be able to view their personal profile, send a message and request them as a roommate during your hall/program's scheduled time slot. There are three ways that roommates are determined.

Request a friend

  • Requests need to be submitted and applications complete by March 15
  • Needs to be mutual, meaning one student needs to request it while the other confirms it
  • What you list as most important is considered during assignment (hall/program, room type, or roommate request)
  • Students can only be roommates in halls/programs where they are both eligible

Find a friend through the roommate selection process 

  • Occurs between May 14 and June 8
  • You must complete a housing application by April 13th to participate
  • Each hall has a different four-day window—specific dates will be communicated once assignments are made
  • Log into your housing application during your assigned hall’s window to message other students in your hall
  • Suggestions are made based on your answers to the lifestyle questions
  • If you find someone who is a good match, you can request them as a roommate
  • You will be placed together if the request is mutual, meaning one student requests it and the other confirms it

Leave it to us!

  • We ask lifestyle questions on the application to find out your sleeping habits, study habits, preferred room noise, etc.
  • We then assign you with someone who matches up with you based on your answers

Once you have selected a roommate, your potential roommate must accept the request before the end of your scheduled time slot in order for the request to be considered mutual. Once the requested roommate accepts, it is mutual and cannot be canceled.

If you are unable to select or confirm a roommate during your hall/program's scheduled time slot, Occupancy Management will assign a roommate based on your lifestyle preferences. 

Questions? Contact us! 303-492-6673 (press 1) or