Under 18 Info & Guardian Consent Form

Students that are 17 at the time of contract submission must include a Guardian Consent Form to apply for housing. Please print the form, have a parent or guardian sign, date, scan and upload it to your housing application. If you are unable to upload your form into the housing application, you can email it to us at studenthousing@colorado.edu. Please note, we do not accept typed signatures. You can also fax the form or mail it using the information listed on the form.

It is important to understand that the residence hall environment expects an adult level of responsibility. Students are expected to be able to study and live independently and get along with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Regardless of age, the residence halls provide limited supervision. Students are allowed to come and go from their halls as they please, visit other students around campus and people living off-campus. Students are also responsible for making their own decisions regarding their own and their roommate(s) guests in their own room. The rules and regulations of living in the residence halls can be found in the Residence Hall Handbook and the 2018-19 Housing Contract.

As students prepare to come to Boulder (or are currently living with us), there are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • The university does not keep any curfews in its residence halls.
  • If a student is under 18 years of age at the time of their housing application, they are required to sign a Guardian Consent Form upon submission of the housing contract along with their parent/guardian. This form holds both the student and their parent/guardian accountable to the terms of the housing contract.
  • Additionally, the form gives consent for medical treatment of a minor. This allows the university to take the necessary appropriate steps to treat students should a medical emergency occur. If such a situation arises, every effort is made to contact the person who the student listed as their emergency contact on their application.
  • Should a student be in violation of local, state or federal laws, they will be referred to the CU Police Department regardless of age.

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to have discussions about responsible behavior in the residence halls, following campus policies as well as local and state laws and the importance of good decision-making in having success in their new environment.